Fraser Street Finds

If you haven’t explored Fraser Street yet, you are missing out on some fantastic places! This stretch from Broadway south to King Edward is growing, and inventing itself.

A recent article highlights some of the places from BC Living:


Here are my picks (not all are listed above) on your next trip:

Pizzeria Barbarella – on Broadway & Fraser

tasty pizza choices, traditional style pizzeria right in the heart of the neighbourhood


15th St at Fraser:

Les Faux Bourgeois – on 15th at Fraser

a French bistro open for dinner, a staple in the neighbourhood, always busy and always a great menu and service

Matchstick Cafe

coffee roasters, this trendy little coffee shop has pastries and sandwiches too

Sal y Limon

a mexican family run casual eatery open for lunch and dinner, make sure to have the horchata


Fairy Cakes Bakery

a cute little bakery offering vegan, gluten-free, nut free and dairy free options with a coffee bar too.

Sweetsalt Bakery and café – Fraser & 19th

a German café and bakery which has a great selection of baked goods for breakfast or lunch

Graze – Fraser & 23rd

a vegetarian/vegan gourmet restaurant with a great wine list

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