How Many Ways Can You Eat an Aussie Meat Pie?

aussie pie

If you had a meat pie…how would you eat it and what would you pair with it?

I recently met a friend for lunch, and we often look for something new and fun to experience. So why not a food truck and one that we have not had! So we checked out the Aussie Pie Guy food truck, which on Tuesday’s is parked outside 33 Acres Brewery (brilliant idea!). You can eat your pies inside the brewery and pair it with a beer and perhaps a glass of my personal favourite 33 Acres of Darkness or the 33 Acres of Ocean. It’s a nice bright, modern space, so a perfect lunch break location. (pairing idea #1)

I’ve not been to Australia so I have not experienced THE meat pies they are so known for. And I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised! These pies are not just hand-made with much care and attention (I met the pie guy so I can confirm this), they include organic, free-range and local ingredients where possible! It makes you feel better doesn’t it? And each pie is an individual size, with a nice flaky pastry with loads of yummy-ness inside.

We shared our pies (because the best way to eat your food is to share it!), one was the Chook Pie (local chicken and mushrooms in a creamy white wine sauce) and the other a Shane’s Pie (BC beef short rib and vegetables with a red wine au-jus and apricot hoisin sauce over mashed potatoes). Delicious and filling! Next time we’ll opt for the mushy peas and mashed potatoes as the topping with gravy to get the full experience! Instead, we had them plain and paired them with a ginger beer, which was a tasty match. (pairing idea #2)

So what IF this food truck was at a festival that had a beverage gardens and entertainment; or parked outside a wine bar (one can dream); or at your office for a function… what would you pair with a meat pie? A beer? A cider? A cocktail? Or wine? (pairing idea #3)

I asked my wine friend and fellow wine student (Lisa Blomfield) to share her suggestions, as it’s fun to see what your wine friends come up with as ideas! Here are her suggestions…

“If you crave the full Aussie experience – you might choose to have a big glass of red with the Aussie Pie (beef + vegetables), so try a mellow red that is softer, medium bodied like a Merlot from Western Australia. For the Chook pie (chicken + mushrooms), although you could easily put an Aussie Chardonnay with it, the richness of the pastry and mushrooms would be slightly better with a light but earthy red. Try a Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley which has that gorgeous savoury characteristic and medium + acidity that will match the chicken and mushrooms perfectly, but won’t overwhelm the dish. And for the Shane’s Pie (beef short rib) the spicy, peppery notes of Shiraz would compliment this pie perfectly, and have enough body and flavour to stand up to the richness of this dish. Heathcote Shiraz is one to consider because some of their Shiraz is more French in style due to the cooler climate, and certain producers add Viognier to give complexity and texture, which I think will balance nicely with a short rib.” 

Lisa is a Kiwi and claims there is always a battle between Aussies and New Zealand-ers as to who makes a better meat pie! 😉

Maybe you’ll eat your meat pie wherever the Aussie Pie Guy food truck is parked. Or maybe you’ll get your pie to go (they sell them frozen or grab it freshly baked), grab a bottle of wine, some glasses and head to the beach or a park and eat your meat pie in style (preferably not alone ;). Whatever you do, buy a pie(s), eat and enjoy these yummy creations! If you can’t make it to their Tuesday hangout for lunch, they are at the Winter Farmers Market at Nat Bailey on Saturday! Get a full list of Markets in and around Vancouver here:


The Aussie Pie Guy

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