About Me

Champagne in Champagne, France

About Me

I credit my Mom for the love of travel I have and Vancouver for my love of wine. I started my first career as a Travel Agent at my Mom’s Travel Agency in a small town called Olds in Alberta. She owned and managed it for 30 years, and therefore I was in it and around it for a while, hence why it’s now in my blood.

After moving to Vancouver, my curiosity for life, culture, food and wine began. I continued my career in Travel, then Tourism, Film & TV and then Wine – where I now focus my time. There was a day when I had no idea how wine was made, let alone being able to taste it like a professional. But, my interest in it became an obsession and I signed up for wine course after wine course and worked in it to be immersed. I gained my WSET 3 certification and have so much knowledge now from other courses like The French Wine Scholar & The Champagne Master Course.

I love travel & I love wine. So I hope you enjoy my adventures, and somehow, and some way they inspire you to taste and travel more.



“Paris is always a good idea.”

Audrey Hepburn