Reinventing Rose!

If there is one favourite style of wine for me, its Rosè. Why you ask? Because it’s different from white and different from red, and it sits in the middle for me when I need a break from the other two! I asked a winemaker once, what her favourite style of wine was to make, she answered Rose. Because “it’s a challenge”.

I am glad Rosé has seen a come back over the last 5+ years, and there are lots of styles to try until you find your favourites. Is it sparkling or still that you like? Fruity, minerally or citrusy that you prefer, or a balance of all these elements? I recently attended the “Rosé Revival” Event supporting The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and below I will share some picks and notes of just some of the Rosés out there!

ps. my style is a balance of fruit, citrus and minerality, and I love a good Rosé Sparkling!


Bella Sparkling Rosé

>(from Naramata, BC) this delightful little sparkling number comes in half bottles as well as 375 ml bottles, its got fresh red fruit, cranberry and hint of citrus, it’s got glamping or patio written all over it!

Oeil de Perdrix Belle Glos Pinot Noir Blanc Rosé

>(from Mendocino, CA) this was a new discovery, the red fruit and citrus and hint of minerals created a great balance, it was really a nice one!

Le Vieux Pin Vaila Rosé

>(from South Okanagan, BC) Vaila has always been one of my favourite Rose’s, it’s feminine, floral and fruity, but balanced.

Luc Belaire Sparkling Rosé

>(from France) this one was a highlight, a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah, offers notes of blackberry, strawberry, cherry blossoms and its sparkling, it was fantastic, perfect to celebrate with or have with food

Caves de Lugny Cremant de Bourgogne Rosé N/V

>(from France) one of the best out there, always a pleasure to enjoy, done in the same way as champagne, but for half the price!

Clos Cibonne Tibouren Rosé

>(from Southern France) the is a blend of Tibouren, Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah, it’s organic, the vines were planted in 1930,  it’s fruity, smooth with a spicy, minerally finish, great with a curry dish.

Lorgeril L’Orangeraie Rosé

>(from Southern France) you must buy this inexpensive, very well-balanced and refreshing rose – it will help you realize not all rose’s are too fruity!


Clos du Soleil Rosé

>(from the Similkameen, BC) pleasantly surprised by this one, it was balanced with fresh fruits and minerality – which I love

Elephant Island Pink Elephant N/V

>(from Naramata, BC) this one is such a surprise, it’s made Champenois style with granny smith apples and a Cassis dosage, it’s bubbly and refreshing, I highly recommend you give it a try

Cremant de Limoux Premiere Bulle Rosé

>(from Languedoc region of Southern France) I discovered this baby at the Vancouver Int’l Wine Festival and is one of my top picks right now, notes of stone fruits, some toast and some minerally balance, a blend of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir

IMG_5397Sokol Blosser Rosé

>(from Oregon, US) don’t let the color or region fool you, this one was surprisingly (to me) delicious! It had notes of strawberry and cranberry, citrus, floral aromas. It was crisp with vibrant acidity, yet juicy and finished dry. Surprise your friends!

Ancora Pinot Grigio Rosé

>(from Italy) this rosé was well-balanced with red fruits, citrus and minerals, easy to enjoy and it’s not expensive!

Domaine Tissot Cremant de Jura Rosé N/V

>(from the Jura region of France) if you can find this one, just try it, there are not too many from this region that we see, and they are so fabulous!

Domaine Vincent Delaporte Sancerre Rosé

>(from Sancerre in the Loire Valley, France) I like anything from this region as it always delivers fruit, minerals and a citrus balance.

Poplar Grove Blanc de Noir Rosé

>(from Naramata, BC) a nice rose, fruity yet delicate

and finally, here is the best for last…

Pierre Paillard Rosé Champagne N/V

>(from France) true champagne rose style and it was fantastic, with fresh fruit and floral aromas and it’s a Grand Cru vineyard (top of the top), it also received 92 out of 100 points


Don’t forget you can pair Rosé with summer salads, roast chicken, curries, charcuterie platter or have by itself!

To the left is a glass of bubbly I recently had – which was a treat to say the least as it was $18 per glass, but really worth every sip!

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