Pairing Food with Wines of Portugal

Although it’s a fun challenge to figure out what wine will go with your gourmet recipe, it’s also daunting. You start to worry that what you choose could be too acidic or have too much tannin, will it overshadow the dish or will it fail to “show up”?! So, I was pretty happy to have experienced the “Discover Portugal: Influences Around the World” brunch event while attending the 2014 Wine Blogger Conference back in July. Our palates were awake and ready to taste and how different – pairing wines with brunch, not so common, yet perfect.

IMG_3480 There were 4 International food stations around the room and a table of wines from Portugal to match each of them. What a fabulous way to learn and taste why they paired together well!

So I am sharing the dishes and the wine choices that were paired, enjoy!


Station 1: India

IMG_3490Food –  Kando Batata Poha (onion, potatoes and rice); Masala Omelette; Mathunake Dudkiwale Aloo (thin, spiced curry)

Wine – Anselmo Mendes Passaros Loureiro Vinho Verde 2013; Qunta da Arcas Arca Nova Alvarinho 2012; Conceito Vinhos – Contraste Branco 2011

*the light bodied, smooth Vinho Verde was the perfect match for this spice!*


Station 2: Brazil

IMG_3482Food – Frittata (with onion & bacon); Picadinho a Brasileira (beef, onions and olives); Brazilian Breakfast Burrito

Wine – Quinta do Romeu Colheita Douro Tinto 2010; Vidigal Wines Reserva Tinto 2011; José Maria da Fonseca Periquita Reserva Tinto 2009

*the smooth, medium tannins went well with the spicy beef*



Station 3: Japan

IMG_3484Food – Tamagoyaki (omelette with sour cream and wasabi); Tofu Quiché (with greens); Okonomiyaki (savoury pancake)

Wine – Herdade do Esporão Duas Castas Branco 2012; Julia Kemper Wines Dão Branco 2012; Herdade da Comporta – Parus Branco 2011

*the crisp acidity of the white wines worked well with the cream and spice*


Station 4: Portugal

IMG_3486Food – Grilled Halibut with Tomato compote; Meatballs with Saffron Crostini; Grilled Crostini with Zucchini, tomato and corn salad

Wine – Casa de Santar Reserva Tinto 2009; Caves Velhas Cabeça De Toiro Tinto 2010; Monte da Ravasqueira W Reserva Tinto 2011

*the medium tannins and vibrant fruits work well with the freshness of the food*



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