A review of wines tried recently

I thought it was about time I share some wines I’ve enjoyed recently, but just haven’t had the time to share sooner.

Alamos Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina


When you don’t want the full body, oaked style Chardonnay that sometimes is a butter bomb, opt for Argentina. I find many to be nicely balanced between oak and citrus notes. It will rekindle your interest in Chardonnay.

Also try other wines made like Bonarda and Torrontes.



Boschendal, Blanc de Noir, Stellenbosch, South Africa

IMG_5565This one might be hard for some of you to find, unless you go there. This was a special gift shared by a friend who is from Capetown. A blend of Merlot, Cabernet and Shiraz, fruit forward with some citrus notes. The message here is to explore more wines from South Africa. From Chenin Blanc (refreshing like a Sauvignon Blanc) to medium body Shiraz to full body Cabernets. You’ll start talking like a local, saying Ja (yaaah) and pleasure (instead of you’re welcome)!


Try an aged Riesling


Yes aged whites exist and with age like this 2005 Riesling Kabinett (the driest style) become nectar of the gods! Whether you like them dry or sweeter, it’s like sipping gold. Highly worth the price you will pay. Seek them out at private stores and your friends will be speechless.

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