Where are you Finger Lakes?

Here’s a question for you… Did you know there was a wine region north of New York City? I mean let’s be honest, I didn’t! So I was super excited to visit this area called Finger Lakes Wine Region and discover what it had to offer. I assume it’s much like someone discovering that BC has a Wine region!

finger lakes map

And by now I was hoping to have lots of cool things to tell you about in the Finger Lakes Wine Region. However, illness and a hospital visit kept me from getting on the plane to New York to join my wine people.

Had I gone, I would have flown to New York City then hopped on the bus (coachusa.com) 5 hours north to Elmira. Which seemed to be the easiest way (hint, fill up a vinnebago (wine canteen) and take it along to entertain you!- that’s what I would have done!!).

So, I only have a map of Finger Lakes for you, but if you would like to learn more, I encourage you to follow my fellow wine friends blogs and read about what they did! Happy discovering this wine region (I’m right there with you!).

Christine Campbell – Girls Go Grape

Joshua Decolongon – Josh Likes Wine

Sujinder Juneja – Townhall Brands

Krista Lamb-Davidson – Upkeep

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