Modern German in Gastown

Lucky Vancouver. But do we know we are lucky? There is a new restaurant in town introducing us to modern German cuisine created by (Vancouver’s only resident) 2-star Michelin Chef Stefan Hartmann! Willkommen Bauhaus.

So apparently there is modern cuisine and classic cuisine of Germany, and they are both being served up at Bauhaus right here in Gastown. And they even have an event coming up celebrating Sauerbraten – a classic marinated meat dish. It’s a cook-off competition paired with a local BC wine (Le Vieux Pin’s Syrah Cuvee Violette), judged by guests and some VIP’s. Check their website for tickets, the event is Oct.20th.


Here’s a dish I enjoyed during my recent visit, Ling Cod with spinach, tortellini and artichokes. It was a tasty, light dish and part of the modern category. Other friends at the table enjoyed the Schnitzel (classic cuisine) with seared potato and cranberry marmalade (it seemed enormous). And we shared the Foie Gras (modern cuisine) with Brioche – which was so bloody good, we almost fought for each bite!

Not only is the food delish, but the room has been re-done to be modern yet comfortable with exposed brick and big, bright windows. And the bathrooms show a spray paint style art – which was really cool and probably not what anyone would expect.

And we opted for a light body Red this night – Breca Old Vine Grenache from Spain. Think dark berries, spiced cake with a subtle note of flowers and a hint of mocha. It was rich in structure yet still light body that is Grenache and always easy drinking. Whatever you choose, they have a great wine menu full of great choices.


Definitely check out this renowned Chef and his modern and classic cuisine from Germany! I’ll be going back to enjoy the classic cuisine, because how many times do us North Americans get a chance to enjoy a 2-star Michelin Chef?!


1 West Cordova @ Carrall St.


Vancouver, BC Canada

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