Moscato and brunch!

There is undoubtedly one wine that should grace your table when serving brunch at home. Moscato! Now, your reaction may be: 1. Why on earth would I have alcohol mid day or 2. Moscato, isn’t that too sweet?

Well, I have news for you… it’s not too sweet or too early in the day. End of story! Ha ha.

I personally became more interested in Moscato, when I started learning about the wines of Italy. Their whole culture grew up with wine, even their little ones tasted it at some point in their youth. Did they turn out to be alcoholics? No they did not. But they were most likely served a low alcohol wine like Moscato with a little parental guidance. It not only is low in alcohol, but it’s got a lighter, slightly sweeter body and style. Perfect for a first time wine sipper (no matter their age!).

Of course, Italy is not the ONLY place producing Moscato nowadays, but it was one of the first. So here is a fun find from Australia ! I recently served this for brunch with friend Christine (girlsgogrape) and her family, to go with croissants, cheese, fruits and pâté and a light lemon square dessert made locally in Vancouver (and it went superbly!)…


Innocent Bystander Victoria Moscato 2014

Yarra Valley, Victoria  Australia

Grapes – old vine Gordo and Black Muscat

5.5% alc., notes of fresh field strawberries dusted with sugar and cranberries (bringing out the tartness in the wine), lightly frizzante and a nice light and refreshing body, it was so easy (too easy) to drink. The sweetness was balanced with some acidity and therefore it went with everything on the table from sweet croissants to savoury pâté. A must try!

Be open to try what is perceived as “sweet” wines with food to match – you may be pleasantly surprised!


For more information about Moscato and other styles, read this article from Wine Folly Discover Moscato Wine

Read more about the region in Italy producing Muscat wines: from Wine Folly Piedmont

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