Two crazy grapes – Manzoni and Malvasia!

I couldn’t not write about two white wines that are embedded in my memory. They’ve both smacked me in the face with the words “um hello, friendly reminder, I’m delicious, now don’t you forget it!”. And it’s true they are.

So, I’m writing about them so you will try them too.

Birichino Malvasia Bianca

Grape variety – Malvasia Bianca, where does it come from? (because you know, it’s soo mainstream! ha ha ha. kidding, it’s not THAT mainstream!)

Well it’s origin is Greece, and it grew all around the Mediterranean. The “Mom” grape is Malvasia, which is also called Malmsey and mostly used to make sweet wine called Madeira. Malvasia Branca is a “child” along with other “siblings” which today you’ll find throughout Europe all the way over in California and even Australia!

birichino malvasia

Ooooh this is the one that recently stole my heart. It has a slight floral aroma, but it’s laced with juiciness like lychee, ripe juicy pear that finishes with a citrus acidity, it’s not an acidic bomb at all, it’s instead very well-integrated and just sooo enjoyable! It’s dry and refreshing. I think if I visit their winery, I might stay!

Foradori Fontanasanta Manzoni Bianco

Grape variety – Manzoni Bianco where does it come from? Manzoni grapes are primarily grown in Northern Italy. And this one exists from a cross of Riesling and Pinot Bianco (Blanc for you non-Italians).

Manzoni Bianco

This is a fun one, made by well-known female winemaker Elisabetta Foradori (who focuses on natural winemaking). Another maybe hard-to-find variety, but well worth the investigating.

It’s soft and juicy with tropical fruits and a citrus balance and delicious acidity. It’s fermented on the skins in cement tanks, followed by 12 months of aging in acacia casks, which gives this white wine body and character and slight tannin. It’s like a warrior princess in the room. Feminine, strong who likes to be all natural.

SEEK OUT THESE WINES. Or, you are truly missing some real gems.

yummidy yum yum.

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