A mini-break to Chicago

Have you ever needed to just get out of the city for a few days to take a break and have a mini-adventure? I am sure I’m not alone when I say; I crave this more often throughout the year.
As careers keep us busy during the week, if we don’t take a break at some point (aside from weekends), we became, in my opinion, mundane. So this is exactly the reason I hopped on a plane mid-week to spend a few days in another city.

A window seat on board Air Canada

With non-stop flights between Vancouver and Chicago, it makes it super easy to plan this getaway. Fly coach or opt for the Premium Economy upgrade with a touch more leg room. And the flight times make for planning dinner and drinks upon arrival completely do-able. You’ll feel as refreshed arriving as you did leaving, as the flight is just 3.5 hours long.

Upon arriving in Chicago you have 3 great options for getting into the city: 1. You can hire a taxi; 2. You can register and get the Uber app and take Uber – both these options are approx. 30-60 minutes depending on traffic. Or 3. You can take the Rapid Transit Train (blue line), which is approximately 45 minutes to downtown.

Now that I have a couple of trips to Chicago under my belt, there are a couple very comfortable hotels I would recommend: The Public Chicago and The James Hotel.

…That’s not the end of this article! I’ve started another writing venture with a few wine writer friends of mine – so please click on our website: CORK AFFAIRS to read the rest of this travel article, as I have much to share about Chicago.

Happy Reading & Happy Travels!

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