Rooftoppin’ in New York City

Wow, where did the time go?! It’s been months since I’ve posted! Well…. here come a few related to travel, wine, food and cocktails!

Who doesn’t love New York City? I suppose a few, but I’m guessing most like the vibe of the city, the sights and of course the people. I recently visited some friends out in Long Island and we spent a day touring New York City from up above… rooftop to rooftop. No, not like some super powered hero, jumping from one roof to another. We visited rooftop bars throughout the city, and enjoyed wine, beer and cocktails and great views! Have a look at what we did, and add it to your “to do” list for New York!

The map shows us moving Downtown to Uptown, West side to East side.

1)      Grand Banks   Pier 25, Hudson River Park.  On the water on the West Side Highway.

they had a fantastic list of rosé on tap!


a floating restaurant & bar!


local New York Oysters

2)      Jane Rooftop   113 Jane Street. **A hidden gem atop an old heritage hotel, I opted for a refreshing local beer to enjoy with the beautiful sunset**

3)      Plunge @ The Gansevoort.  18 Ninth Ave & 13th St. **Make this one a Quick stop for the view, not for the service or the wine list ;)**

4)      PHD Lounge @ the Dream Downtown.  355 W 16th Street between 8th & 9th.  **May need reservations after 8pm, but before that, here’s what you can enjoy, good snack food and a good wine list!**

5)      Alternate if it is raining – The Tippler  425 W 15th Street between 9th & 10th.

6)      Gallow Green @ The McKittrick Hotel.  542 W 27thStreet between 10th & 11th.  **Reservations recommended – we couldn’t get a seat, so had to stand, and it’s a big patio**


7)      Cloud Social 6 W 32nd St between 5th & 6th. **A busy but cool kind of vibe**


Our last stop was a surprise find…. Spyglass Rooftop Bar At Archer Hotel
47 West 38th Street / 22nd floor (between 5th and 6th Avenues) **look at the view!! Empire State Building!!**

view from the bar!


We finished off our rooftoppin’ tour here at Spyglass. And it was the perfect place to order a glass of Laurent-Perrier Rosé Champagne NV by the glass! Superb!

Here is the rest of the tour, if we hadn’t run out of time!…

8)      Refinery Rooftop  63 W 38th St between 5th & 6th. **We did stop here, but it was a full on nightclub, vs. a restaurant and lounge, so we carried on! During the day might be better.**

9)      Salvation Taco @ Pod39 Hotel rooftop 145 E 39th St between Lex & 3rd.

10)  Aretsky’s Patroon Townhouse 160 E 46th Street between Lex & 3rd. For dinner en route.

11)  Haven Rooftop @ The Sanctuary Hotel.  132 W 47th St between 6th & 7th.

Harmony Vineyards & Art Gallery

And if you have time to venture around Long Island…I found a quaint little winery! Stop in for lunch or just a tasting at Harmony Vineyards & Art Gallery .

For an additional list of bars under or on the ground in New York City, check out this cool list:

And a local, well-connected mixologist here in Vancouver, recommended some bars serving up the best cocktails by the best bartenders, check out his article:

Enjoy! xo

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