Lebanese + Italian Summer Wine

As summer has truly arrived in Vancouver, I find myself sipping on refreshing white wines and definitely rosé wines. And with just a couple of weeks away from a Wine Bloggers Conference in Lodi, California, I want to wake up my palate so I am ready for the abundance of wine I will try! So…. I need to try more wine! 😉

Here are a few I’ve had recently, which are truly fun discoveries…

Chateau Musar Jeaune from Bekka Valley, Lebanon (private store CAD $30ish)

This is not a light style rosé, and by the color you might think it’s going to be fruit forward, however it had a lot of tart and sweet cherry notes, stewed strawberries and cherries, a touch of herbaceous or maybe it was baking spice, it was rich and had body, almost replaces a red wine on a summers eve. Made naturally from 100% Cinsault. The Bekka Valley doesn’t make lots of wine that we see, but they definitely are doing a great job! My good friend Christine (a wine blogger as well) and I review it below… check out other wine reviews on my YouTube channel here.



 Costaripa RosaMara from northern Italy (private store CAD $30 ish)

Taken from their website on their winemaking style…”Mattia’s trademarked definition, il vino di una notte, “one-night wine”, for vinification occurs just hours from pressing, during the night, and requires great winemaking sensibility to gauge the perfect balance between subtlety and structure, and the precise nuance of color that stands for this.” This is a blend of Groppello, Sangiovese, Marzemino and Barbera. Notes of  blossoms, sour cherry and pomegranate. It’s crisp, slightly minerally and really refreshing with bruised fruit like style balance. I’ve reviewed this one before here.


Umani Ronchi CaSal di Serra Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi from central Italy (BC govt. store CAD $17 ish)

This was a delightful find. Refreshing and crisp, yet soft and smooth. A perfect balance! Made from 100% Verdicchio from the Marche region on the east coast of Italy. Expect citrus notes mingled with minerality and a rounded finish. Visit a post from last summer of another completely different summer white here.



I hope this gets you excited to try these wines or wines from the regions! Explore, sip & learn!

Spring and Summer Rosé Wines

Hello! Oh my, it’s been a while since I sat down to write a blog post! I’ve been busy with wine sales, studying for a Somm competition for South African wines (didn’t make the cut, but learned a tonne!), applying for scholarship towards wine studies (which I was awarded!) and getting my balcony summer ready. So IT IS the perfect time to share some favourite rosé wines with you. As I love rosé, now, but any time of the year really. They are often made with different grapes, and either pressed with a gentle method called Saignee, which has minimal skin contact or blended or pressed with a little skin contact for color and character. ALL methods offer a different style which are equally interesting – but the only way you’ll know this is if you do research yourself or ask your favourite Somm in a store or restaurant who sells it.

Regardless, drink more rosé! With salads, crab, paté, spicy salami, explore different countries, different grapes, and different price points, because sometimes, you get what you pay for… just like a good pair of shoes!

Here are some rosé wines I have tried recently, enjoy…


Probably my favourite sparkling wine made in BC (Canada). Bella Wines is located in the Okanagan Valley on the Naramata Bench. Hand harvested Gamay Noir grapes made with care and very expressive of the vineyard it’s grown in. It’s fresh and bubbly and just enough fruits, with citrus and soft notes, absolutely delicious! Made in the traditional method, being bottle fermented, hand riddled and hand disgorged. “Bella exclusively produces single vineyard, single varietal sparkling wines.” – taken from their website.


I can’t seem to go wrong with rosé wines from Italy – this was a delicious find! Costaripa Rosamara has notes of soft red fruits (almost bruised) with a hint of nuttiness and integrated acidity, its bold yet balanced! Made from Groppello, Marzemino, Barbera and Sangiovese. 


What a beautiful champagne from the Champagne region in France! There are not many producers that take the time in making their rosé bubbly, but Champagne Jacquesson did, as this is made from the Saignee method (no blending, just a gentle press) using Pinot Noir grapes.


If you are lucky enough to find this sparkling Nebbiolo and Pinot Nero, buy it! Vajra from Italy, has notes of Cranberries with mousy bubbles, not aggressive, just tart and refreshing. Made from the Saignee method and spends 30 mos. on the lees. The coolest rosé I’ve had in a while at a premium price.

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