Pidgin in Gastown

Well with all the recent controversy with this restaurant opening, it just made me and a friend want to go even more!

IMG_3147Pidgin is located right in the Gastown on the cusp of Chinatown and across from the well-known Pigeon Park where many street folks hang out. But it’s not the only business in the area that is somewhat new, and attracting a new demographic!

This restaurant is such a delight. The interior is really warm and inviting with a nice bar and lounge for drinks only or a nice sit down area for couples to groups. And the menu was….fantastic. Think of a Hapa Izakaya style menu with more fusion added and a bit more experimental.

We shared the special of the night which was a salmon mousse served with dehydrated then fried fish skin instead of crackers. Yup. My first reaction, was “eww”, but I was willing to try it. And I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was.IMG_3149

Next up we had the Oyster Shot. Ohhhh this was sooo tasty with minced green apple and horseradish, it all complimented each flavour. Next was the Calamari with Bacon. Delicious and not close to anything I’ve had before!! And the most surprising was the Beef Tataki dish with Gruyère on top with black garlic….I have seen black garlic in Granville Island but never actually enjoyed it locally on a dish, and wow, this was good especially with the cheese, who would have thought! And lastly the Pork belly on rice crackers, again yummmmm.

We did share a delicious gluten-free desert as well we had some lovely wine from their list (which of course the yum factor has taken over my memory).

This is soooo worth going to. Chef Makoto Ono is definately a welcome food artist to Vancouver. Take your friends, your family, go by yourself, just GO! It’s fabulous!

Pidgin Restaurant
350 Carrall near Hastings

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