Vinho Verde

It’s Friday night, around 10pm, and it’s humid outside making it warm inside. There’s not enough breeze. It’s too lovely outside to not sit on the balcony and try to cool off. But that requires a refreshing glass of wine that is not too heavy in alcohol, but still offers a little excitement for my evening in.

20140704-225551-82551697.jpgI grab a bottle of Vinho Verde from Portugal. Meaning “green wine” which is not speaking about the color, it just should be enjoyed young. I’ll admit that when I first heard this term, I literally thought it was a green colored wine! In case you don’t know, Vinho Verde is a region in NW Portugal, starting from the coast moving inland. The wine is commonly made from the Albariño grape (you might be familiar with this grape from Spain), but it can also be made from grapes like: Loureiro, Azal, Arinto and Trajadura.

This wine is often in my fridge, ready to be opened at a moments notice, because… It’s refreshing and light. There is just enough frizzante to it (not all of them are produced with bubbles) that it dances in your mouth. It always offers a hint of minerality, crisp green apple and lemon notes. Its got life I tell you! Plus, it’s usually low in alcohol from anywhere between 9-12%, which is great for a warm afternoon or evening night-cap.

So, why not pick up a bottle the next time you’re at the store, there will be many brands, so do some exploring. You won’t pay much, they are relatively inexpensive.

Here’s one I enjoyed recently…made from all the varietals BUT Albariño.

Casal Garcia

Cheers, from my balcony

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