Chinon Rosé from France

I do believe that when (if) I retire, I’ll be spending my days golfing and relaxing in the evenings in a warm desert climate or on my tropical island, where it’s normal to have a cold nightcap like a beer or chilled glass of wine! Until that day comes, you’ll find me enjoying the warm evening air on a beach in Vancouver or on my balcony, relaxing and cooling off with a chilled glass of wine. Tonight, it’s a beautifully crafted Bernard Baudry Rosé from Chinon in the Loire Valley in France (one of my favourite regions just due to the minerality in the wines). This Cabernet Franc is crisp with hints of grass, grapefruit, bright berries and a dusting of minerality. And look who’s a fan as well:

So glad I discovered this beautiful rosé. It’s helping me get ready (believe it or not) for the #WBC14 (wine bloggers conference) in California – I can’t wait to explore wines from Paso Robles, Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara, California!


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