Brix in Yaletown

A great spot to visit in Vancouver, is Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar in Yaletown.


It’s a bit of Europe right in the heart of the city. The heritage building it occupies with its brick walls is the perfect place for live music sessions on Monday nights outside in the courtyard (covered).

Plus, they offer 30% off bottles of wine under $100 – even more of an incentive to dine out on a Monday!

They offer the regular menu until 10pm, then it’s a late night one along with dessert.


Recently we enjoyed the live music and of course had to take advantage of a bottle of wine!

This one is a personal favourite of mine and I wanted to introduce it to a friend who is learning more about white wine. The 2014 LaStella ‘Leggiero‘ is an un-oaked Chardonnay (just $48 on the menu for a bottle) from the South Okanagan Valley in BC. And it’s delicious. Think crisp apples, lemon peel and some stone fruits with a lovely acidity to balance and slight minerality to finish.

If you are a Chardonnay-non-liker, well this is a great way to get re-introduced to this grape!

Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar

1138 Homer St. in Yaletown

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