Some Spanish Wines for Summer

This week I am sharing a couple wines I’ve enjoyed from Spain. And they are both such a great discovery!


2012 Valduero Rosado from Ribera Del Duero in Spain

This was a very fun find! A blend of  Tempranillo and local indigenous grape called Albillo. It’s much darker in color than a typical new world rosé, and the notes on the palate were stewed cherries with the pits along with a tomato leaf savoury note. It was smooth, refreshing and juicy, a subtle hint of tannins and dry. Definitely a full body wine, which was perfect to for all the small share plates ordered alongside this rosado. A typical style of wine for this region – which I’ll definitely be exploring more!

Discovered in Vancouver at TWB (The Wine Bar) beside Provence Marinaside in Yaletown.


2013 Txomin Etxaniz Txakoli from the Basque Region of Spain

I’ll be the first one to admit I did not know what this wine was let alone the grape variety used.  But with the help of wine friends and google, I’m definitely more educated! There are many varieties that can be used, however the most common is Honnorabi Zuri (yes this is a variety of grape!) for making this lower alc. white wine. It’s high acidity is nicely balanced with salted green apple, minerals and some fresh lemon and the essence of the salty ocean.


It is slightly frizzante, so in order to experience it in the glass, it’s recommended you pour with 4-5 inches above the glass. And do eat it with many small plates just like they do in Pinxtos bars, such as fried fish, seafood, and mild cheeses. If you want an easy to drink, light yet very refreshing white wine, definitely add this to your wine list this summer!

P1050360Here is a photo from a Pinxtos bar in Valencia, Spain to give you an idea.

It’s like a happy hour bar, you point (or better yet speak spanish!) at the dish and they get you a small plate to nosh on while enjoying a glass of wine or a beer.

Find this style of wine in your favourite liquor store and be sure to explore the different producers and price points.

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