Lovely Italian Rosato by Antinori

IMG_8263Again, I was enjoying a Rosato (Rosé) wine from Italy – because it was new and well, because it’s summertime! This producer Antinori has created a lovely wine from South West of Florence near Bolgheri. It is a ‘cru’ rosato (meaning, it’s their top rosato from a special vineyard) made from a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc with a little Syrah thrown in.

Upon opening it and pouring it for my friends – the first aroma they picked up was ‘smelly socks‘ (I didn’t even smell that ha ha!)! I had to wonder if my nose was completely out of whack … was this wine past its prime?! But, when I sniffed, and sniffed again, I picked up a subtle hint of fruit and well… a nuttiness, so I was baffled… what the heck kind of rosato was this?!  But, as I didn’t have any of my wine geek friends with me to talk through the aromas, and figure it out,  I had to make the call on my own… so I chose to give it a chance.


Once I took a sip, the acidity activated the fruit profile of cherries along with some dried fruits, minerals, and almonds – which I find always baffles my palate. It was soft and tasted ‘aged’ – of all things! But in a good way of course, perhaps a better word is elegant and with a slightly fuller body and mouthfeel than usual. Although we nibbled away at dessert (macaroons, blackberry sorbet and fresh fruit) while sipping the wine (not the best pairing), it was still really enjoyable. And this is when I knew paying more money for this wine was worth it. I had higher expectations and it delivered, my curiosity was satisfied. And whether it was slightly off or not – it still kept me wondering, tasting and sniffing, trying to figure it out, to me that is success! A wine should be like an onion, you need to keep peeling back the layers and discovering it (much like a good relationship 😉 )

So, do as I do, keep exploring Italy… different prices, regions and styles… take chances and sip away!

Antinori Gherardo Bolgheri Rosato DOC from Italy. In Vancouver, BC – $33.



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