Bella Sparkling Wines made in BC


The greatest part of exploring a wine region is coming across a gem. And this winery is definitely on that list! Located in Naramata in the Okanagan Valley in BC, Canada. Most of Naramata sits on a slope facing West to Okanagan Lake, giving it ideal sun exposure and breezes from the lake and mountains behind. If you were a vine, I believe you would be very happy here. As well, soils vary vineyard to vineyard, granite to alluvial to clay, etc. –  a great variation that is ideal for grapes to do well.naramata map

map courtesy of

Not only was Jay Drysdale (the winemaker) passionate and knowledgeable – the experience was fun. Upon arrival you get to choose your own wine tasting glass (which he collects online and at antique sales), from a modern flute to an antique glass. Your choice.


I tasted through his line up of 3 different sparkling Chardonnay (each coming from a different vineyard in the Okanagan – Keremeos, Oliver and Kamloops), all influenced by the soil and climate of each area; And his rosé sparkling made from Gamay Noir is delicious! What he does, he does well.


His passion and enjoyment of making wine starts with using the Methode Ancestral, riddling (turning the bottle slightly one by one as the fermentation in the bottle takes place) , and then he will disgorge each bottle by hand when ready to meet order deadlines and get them shipped off. I love old school in a new world, it’s just so cool.

Definitely worth a visit!

Bella Wines

Naramata, BC, Canada


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