Wine List Rating: Matadora Tapas Kelowna

A glass of Spanish Cava for Happy Hour

3.5 out of 5 stars!

So, this tiny little gem – Matadora Tapas – has been open for just 5 months. A great little spot for Spanish ambiance, and it’s off the main road in a new little neighborhood. The Mom & Daughter team who own and manage it, came back from travels loving Spanish Tapas and wanted to open something, so they did it in Kelowna! Lucky us!

“Authentic Spanish Tapas, Pintxos, Conservas, Petiscos, Mezze” is what you’ll see on their menu and the dishes are very tasty and reminds you of being in Spain but with a local twist. They’ve done a great job!

Choose from one of their Spanish wine cocktails or pick a happy hour glass or wine from the list. They just opened and are still fostering relationships with wine reps, so I think their list is young, but created well so far, and has great potential. They have a mix of BC wines along with Spanish producers (yes!).

Their bottles hover in the $40 range, which is nice to see, although I wonder how long that will last. But they do have a good selection of varietals – which really reflects the Spanish experience. And they hit it out of the park by offering true happy hour prices (from $5) for a nice small variety of local and Spanish producers.

So, I give them 3.5 stars out of 5 for their Wine List. Why? They are new but already not afraid to have fun with their wine list with a mix of BC wines, Spanish varietals and Spanish producers. THIS excites me, because this allows them more opportunity to have fun playing and exploring – and we benefit!


Here’s my rating system & why:

Have you ever dined at a restaurant and loved the food and hated the wine? Or loved the wine, but the food didn’t hit the mark? I have. So I am always on a quest to find the gems out there with both great wine and food & owners or wine directors who are thinking creatively.

Here’s what I use to determine my rating out of 5 stars:

I look at the selection: BC focused and/or a mix of Int’l producers

What kind of varietals are offered

Price point by the glass

Price point by the bottle

Creative list of producers


This is of course based on my taste, and from my experience as a customer and a wine professional.

I hope you enjoy my fun new way of writing and sharing about my restaurant adventures!

To see my last wine list rating – click here.

Keep exploring, Cheers!


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