Me, a Car, and a Bottle of Wine

For many of you that follow my blog, and my stories, you know much of my world is about wine. But, did you know there was a day I didn’t know a thing about it?! I mean, I had NO idea how wine came to be. “How did those flavours get in the bottle? What does it taste like? – grapes. I don’t know!” – were things I often said.

So, I need to credit one person for trying to educate me way before I jumped into wine studies on my own. That would be my very good friend and ex-husband – Marcus. Yes, that’s right – I was married! He was the one who introduced me to food and wine, as I was fresh out of Alberta with very little exposure to culture (poor him, all I could cook was spaghetti!).

But that’s not the whole story I need to share with you!

Some Context:

When Marcus & I separated in 2008, we were also told by his parents – they had been diagnosed with terminal illnesses 1 month apart. Frank had stomach cancer and Ursula had ALS. Two of the nicest people – get 2 of the worst diseases. It goes without saying, there was a lot on our plates. so we put our official separation to the side, we thought ‘let’s deal with this later when we have the bandwidth’. I lived close by, and together we got through it all by supporting one another daily and weekly from the emotional toll that comes with all that it was.

Audi, Marcus, Donita, Ford

The Car: 

That year that Frank & Ursula had been diagnosed, they also purchased a brand new car – a 2008 Ford Fusion, with hopes of taking new adventures in it near and far. But shortly after their diagnosis, they no longer were able to drive! So, I began borrowing it – and taking it on road trips, as I was temporarily without a car, and I felt as though, I was enjoying their car ‘for them’. I would tell Ursula about the adventures we went on and left little trip treats in the car, like freshly dried lavender from the Okanagan Valley.

We lost Frank in the summer of 2009 (it was my honour to have read his obituary at the funeral). Soon after, Ursula was moved to a hospice with aggressive ALS, and we said goodbye to her in the Fall of 2010.

Marcus and his brother had to begin the arduous task of sorting out the family affairs and finding that brand new car a home. 

That’s when the most wonderful act of kindness happened, Marcus gifted me their Ford Fusion!

2008 Ford Fusion

Every time I drove it, I thought of them. I felt as if they were there, watching over me, keeping me safe in this beautiful car they spent so much time researching to buy. It should be no surprise this car has had a special place in my heart for 12 years now. It has been such a pleasure to drive and enjoy for them (minus those speeding tickets of course). And, it’s taken such good care of me with very few fixes.

But as the km’s have increased and the years have passed, I knew the day would come where I would need to upgrade to a newer vehicle. And I have been preparing myself mentally for that day. 

That Day is Here!! 

What I did not expect, was for Marcus to surprise me again with a generous offer to buy his 2013 Audi for a fraction of its value. Again, an enormous act of kindness. He is so much like his parents in this way!

Marie Demets Champagne

The Wine:

So, as I get ready to say goodbye to my spirited Ford Fusion, and start a new chapter with an Audi – I picked up this special bottle of wine to celebrate!

Marie Demets Brut Champagne. A Pinot Noir dominant blend that is my absolute favourite style. The bubbles are fine, delicate and the Pinot Noir adds body and flavour without the searing acidity. It’s very young at heart with tree fruit notes like pear and white peaches. A delicious one (which you can find at Legacy Liquor store in Vancouver)!

I can’t even tell you how grateful I feel right now. It’s an incredible feeling being at the receiving end of someones generosity.

A Special Cheers!

Cheers to you Frank & Ursula, you left a lasting impression on my heart, which I’m thankful for. And a car that has taken me to wonderful places and created some lasting memories.

Cheers to you Marcus, and to us! We’ve worked damn hard over the years to evolve, to remain in each other’s lives and be kind and empathetic with each other through all the family & friends we have lost. We don’t know too many people who have weathered divorce like us. And I’m so proud of us! THIS is what it should be like. I am very thankful for you being in my life & all the incredible acts of kindness you do.

And a special Cheers to my spirited Ford Fusion. Thanks for keeping me safe all these years, while I explored and reclaimed my independence. I will not forget you. xo

Thanks for sticking around and reading my story. Until next time – explore all the styles of Champagne, and open that special bottle, you don’t necessarily need a new car to sip Champagne, everyday happenings are reason enough to celebrate! 😉



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