Drink BC Syrah with BC Blueberries

BC Blueberry & Feta Risotto paired with Stag’s Hollow Winery Syrah.

I was told there was a perfect pairing for a Stag’s Hollow Winery Syrah – it was a Blueberry & Feta Risotto, made with BC Blueberries. So, my curiosity led me to try this pairing and see if indeed it was the “perfect pairing”.

I bought the wine suggestion which was a 2018 Stag’s Hollow Syrah from Okanagan Falls, BC. A winery I am very familiar with and like; for their approach to winemaking, their location and the varietals they grow.

The recipe for the Blueberry & Feta Risotto was pretty straightforward if you are a fan of making risotto. You just had to cook the blueberries to release the juices, strain, and then use that juice in the dish. I went one step further and added the blueberries towards the end, and some chopped-up basil to accent the flavours.

Upon plating this fun risotto and getting it to picture-perfect, I poured the Syrah and had a moment to sip it before I went into the nuances of the pairing.

BC Blueberry & Feta Risotto

Such a lovely Syrah – with notes of ripe blackberry and blueberry, garrigue reminiscent of the Okanagan with dusty earth and dried brush and herbs. Super juicy and a layer of complexity to go with its medium tannin structure. I’m an instant fan. The round mouthfeel & juiciness comes from being co-fermented with Viognier, making it a Northern Rhone Valley styled Syrah (which I am a huge fan of).

The wine brought out the fruit of the risotto and the dish brought out the blueberries in the wine. I would have to say this was a great pairing suggestion, and one I would not have thought to do!

It also goes to show that Syrahs made in the Okanagan are not all the same. They each have their personality and style, yet still being true to the varietal itself or style in which they are made. 

Fabulous recipe and wine pairing suggestion! Thanks to Anthony Gismondi for the pairing suggestion & recipe which I found in the Vancouver Sun online. And thanks to BC Blueberries for creating this fun recipe. To learn more about BC Blueberries & where you can buy them or pick them yourself – visit their website!

The wine can be purchased through Stag’s Hollow Winery directly, or at select Save-on-Food stores.

I hope this inspires you to try this recipe and keep exploring wine & fun food pairings!

Cheers, Donita

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