Wine List Rating: The Modest Butcher

A glass of Grüner Veltliner

3.5 out of 5 stars!

Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery is one of many wineries that overlooks Okanagan Lake. They opened a brand new tasting room in 2020 which was a huge improvement to their previous one, and they also opened a brand new restaurant called The Modest Butcher, all in a new building.

And the restaurant is doing a great job at marketing and branding themselves, plus they have a modern styled indoor space (restaurant and bar) along with an expansive patio overlooking the property, vineyards and lake in the distance. Their menu is also impressive, from the creativity of the dishes to the portions and pricing. Well worth the trip while you are in the Okanagan.

But what I really love, is that they offer not just their wine & Rust Wine Co. by the glass, but they have an International Bottle selection that is decently priced. Prices sit in the range of $40-$100 & go up, and they have a good selection of producers and varietals. They also offer a happy hour everyday from 2:22pm-4:22pm. All of the above is why I give them 3.5 stars out of 5.


Here’s my rating system & why:

Have you ever dined at a restaurant and loved the food and hated the wine? Or loved the wine, but the food didn’t hit the mark? I have. So I am always on a quest to find the gems out there with both great wine and food & owners or wine directors who are thinking creatively.

Here’s what I use to determine my rating out of 5 stars:

I look at the selection: BC focused and/or a mix of Int’l producers

What kind of varietals are offered

Price point by the glass

Price point by the bottle

Creative list of producers

This is of course based on my taste, and from my experience as a customer and a wine professional.

I hope you enjoy my fun new way of writing and sharing about my restaurant adventures!

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Keep exploring, Cheers!


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